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Wrap Around Wood Porch For 2 Sides
2 Story Staircase and Screened Porch Access
Customer Review Phase 1 - "Hired Bear for the second time.  This time, brought them out to build a deck on the side of the house. A solid piece of construction was delivered, and I'm very happy with the results.  Multiple people have commented on the solidity of the deck. Bear creates a pretty extensive description of the work when he writes up the contract, but it's nice to see touches that didn't show up in the contract but are evidence of quality work. Things like rabbeted cross braces on all the posts, and waterproof roofing membrane on the heavy beams running parallel to the decking were not specified, asked for or pointed out, but noticed and appreciated."

Our client has a mid-century brick home that had a small landing with stairs to the ground level. They wanted a new wood deck that wrapped around 2 sides of the house with access to an existing screened porch. The new deck would be 10' by 40' along the sidewall and 6' x 10' at the rear.

After removing the old staircase and landing, we framed a larger wider deck that was anchored to the house with galvanized bolts and lags and supported with 6" x 6" pressure treated posts & rabbeted cross braces. The new stairs consist of 2 flights with a landing in between that descend to ground level. We removed the awning and screening from the backside of the screened porch and added a new door and screening. The new deck and stairs were sealed, waterproofed and painted. 

Phase 2 -  A few year later, we built a porch along the side and around the back of the house by extending the existing roof over the deck. Fascia boards were repaired and/or replaced and porch was enclosed with nylon screening. Big Bear Construction can design and build a deck to fit your house and your needs. 

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